Song of myself, by Nightwish

This is probably the best song for a dead world, a humanity universe without fantasy and imagination.

Song of myself is a poem written by the american poet Walt Whitman, it is included in his work Leaves of grass in 1885 and it is one of the most famous, influential and acclaimed poems written by an american.

In 2011 the finnish musician and composer, Tuomas Holopainen, use parts of this beauty piece and combined with an exquisite music, creating a new world in a song, a cumulus of sensations and perceptions that lead us into an unforgettable journey trough our heart, imagination and the deepest parts of our mind, those who are full of goodness and sensibility.

Few people do what Tuomas Holopainen and Nightwish did, to revive old verses, deep memories from the within of a poet like Whitman and turn them into a magic experience.

The song consists in four parts:

  1. From a dusty bookshelf
  2. All that great heart lying still
  3. Piano black
  4. Love

The first one is a kind of introduction with strings, percussion and a dark sensation, followed by a shadowy chorus… and then, the second part begins: heavy music for heavy feelings with the voice of the ex vocalist, Annette Olzon.

Then we have a music change and the third part of the song: Piano black. A more relaxed but intense section, which ends with the main dark chorus.

The music turns a slightly slower and then… the last part begins, love, an emotive and full of feelings and emotions.

To listen and to read this beauty is to enjoy from a new and old way to see the world and the human person.

Here is the song from nightwish with lyrics. Listen it, read it, enjoy it:


2 pensamientos en “Song of myself, by Nightwish

  1. I didn´t knew about this song and it´s history, but i think you did a good job explaining it. I have to say I prefer Nightwish´s songs with Tarja Turunen as singer, the songs sound different, but I enjoyed a lot the song reading your post. I like people who loves and feels the music, so my congratulations.


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