A second chance in the time

There was nothing more to stay in the “T” house, the walls were all upholstered by a strange liquid and Grace couldn’t stand the idea that it was her soul’s blood.

–Why would you think something like that, dear? –said an strange magician who was next to her.

–Because I feel empty since “that” happened –said Grace– and here’s the evidence.

–Well, honey that the walls have an strange material doesn’t mean that it’s a part of your soul, right?

–I know, I know perfectly but… I know how it feels, I know that something inside me is broken, you don’t understand, I’ve been a thief my entire life. I was trying to be a decent woman but now my only hope to be more than I am right now is lost and I won’t have it again, my future is gone.

–You’re future is not written yet, honey.

Grace glanced to her back and she realized that something or someone was in the kitchen of her burned house.

–What is that? –asked the strange magician.

–I have no idea but I’ll figure it out.

–Haven’t you seen horror movies? –exclaimed the magician– you shouldn’t go to the strange thing or you will die and then your future will no exist like you just said.

Grace did not listen the words of the magician and walked to the kitchen, she approached cautiously and saw a little gold bell over the greenhouse.

–Grace, no! –yell at her the magician when she touched the tiny and mysterious object but again she didn’t listen and when her skin made contact with the gold the entire world (except Grace) stopped.

–What is this? –she asked in vane– why is everything frozen?

–This is your second chance –said someone with a prominent and deep voice.

–My second chance? –asked confused Grace– I’m pretty sure that there are no seconds chance for me, Mr. Strange.

–Well, right now I’m giving you one, “Mrs. G” –answered the guy of the sky.

–But I don’t understand, the entire world is frozen how this is going to be the second chance that you are talking about? –asked Grace.

–You were right about that thing on the wall, something inside your heart was broken after the fire incident but this is not the end, I stopped the time so you can go out and take a look of yourself, see the world, explore.

–But nobody will notice my presence.

–And that is why this is an advantage for you.

–But… –started to say Grace– if everyone in the world is frozen I would be able to do any kind of stuff, like… well, you know, bad stuffs.

–And that’s why this is a second chance, It’s on you if you do “bad” or “good” things with this opportunity that I’m giving to you.

Grace tried to imagine the look of this “being” and all that she could create was a couple of colored clouds in her mind.

–It’s not easy imagine at me, Mrs. G.

–I can realize.

Grace walked to the street and everyone in the road was lost in a beautiful sense, she could steal at anyone but something happened, there was a boy holding his mom’s hand and looking at her with the innocence of the childhood and the warm of a little boy soul.

–I wish my little boy could hold my hand like you –she said and then walked forward him– I wish you the best for you and your family –said to the boy’s mom while she was looking at her. She kissed the boy in his forehead and step out.

“I guess that I have to learn to live without you, Dan” she thought and kept walking until she saw an “almost accident”. There was a motorcyclist in front of a sedan, ten centimeters were the line of the life or the death for the man who lost the control.

–Aw, this could not happen, I’m gonna fix this.

“Take the Rolex of him” rang inside her mind.

Grace carried the young man to the sidewalk so he could live, she did not take the clock and smile and then she walked by. She walked until her legs couldn’t more, she walked and helped more people than she knew in the past and she walked until she forgot what was to be in a world with time.

–So this is it, now this is the end.

–Now it’s just the beginning, darling –said the strange voice.

–I don’t want more –she said– I’m so tired, I just wanna rest.

Grace felt a kiss on his forehead, it was his little boy inviting her to live in the eternity.




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